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We use DVD disks in everyday life, but not all users know the necessary information about DVD discs: background of these discs, kinds and formats. We know that DVD discs are better than CD disks because it is possible to record more information volume on them. Still we know there are DVD R and DVD RW. DVD R is a recordable disk as we can record the data on it only once. DVD RW is a rewritable disc; we can record and delete the data many times. Here these basic data are known to many users of the personal computer.

DVD disks (Digital Video Disk) have been developed to replace out-of-date format VHS. DVD was intended for viewing of films on DVD player mainly. With the lapse of time developers have decided that it is necessary to optimize these disks for computers as a data carrier. Since then we use DVD disks for a data recording. They are ideal for recording video films, music, audio books, programs, text documents on them. Burn to DVD R and burn a CD does not represent special complexity if you choose the necessary software correctly. Usual Windows Explorer can execute burn to DVD R too, but the professional software is better because it has more possibilities. As for formats of DVD disks we have already mentioned about DVD R and DVD RW. It is possible to mention format DVD RAM. DVD-RAM is rewritable DVD disk which was offered by company DVD Forum. The phase change technology is used for rewriting thanks to which DVD-RAM can be comparable with removable hard drive because the information on DVD-RAM can be rewritten 100000 times.

So, we have given to you necessary and main information about disks which is useful for each user of the personal computer. You have to read encyclopedias and directories for more detailed studying of the information about formats and kinds of disks. Let’s speak about how to record DVD R the necessary information. If you do not like Windows Explorer to record DVD R files then choose the best program. You can free download the utility which will execute recording DVD RW or other format and record movies. For recording DVD RW it is necessary to understand options of the program and to read the user’s guide. Record DVD RAM is carried out similarly. We remind it because some users think that record DVD RAM differs from record DVD R or DVD RW. Perhaps, it is necessary to add that the given utility is developed for operating system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Install this tool on the computer or the laptop. The program is able to create disk image and to make batch record.

Thus, record DVD R is possible by the instrumentality of this good software. You have a possibility free download it and to try to burn to DVD R a film or music.