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Digital cameras allow making many surprising things. It is possible to make posters, calendars, photos and cards from photos to make out sites, forums and blogs. For this purpose it is necessary to know some moments. We will talk about what is resolution and how to make change of the pictures’ size. The resolution is a unit of measurement. It describes density of points of the image. The standard resolution of pictures in the Internet is small because the more the image resolution the more is size of a file. It is difficult to transfer files of the big size through the Internet or to send by e-mail. Therefore if the files are large you have to change image resolution. If you change image resolution it will help to transfer pictures by e-mail faster. The high resolution of the image is applied when it is necessary to print photos. The more the image permission, the will be better quality of a picture. In this case the changing resolution is a necessity if you want to see a good picture. The changing resolution and images resized is obligatory when you are going to print posters or calendars, or photos of the big format. When you take pictures you cannot choose the resolution of the picture, you have only the size in pixels.

If you keep photo albums and collections of pictures on the hard drive of computer or laptop it is desirable that they will be the small size. We all know, that memory of a hard disk has the certain size. Do not take a lot of place on a hard disk; it is better to keep pictures in format JPEG. This format can be compressed and files will have the small size. Subsequently when you decide to print pictures then change resolution images it will help you have nice images. You can change resolution images or resize gif by the instrumentality of good software which has been developed for this purpose. In order to increase picture resolution it is enough to install this tool on the personal computer. The utility which changes the resolution of images will be useful for those people who are engaged in web design. It changes the resolution of images which are presented in different formats (JPEG, GIF, TIFF etc.). Do you want to increase picture resolution? Open the program and choose this function. Do you want to reduce the image resolution? It is really if you use this utility.

You can free download program which will help to change image resolution. The tool is simple in use and does for the operational system Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. The changing resolution is one of its basic functions. It makes such kind of task the best of all. Be convinced of it and learn about its additional functions.