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The advanced users know that Excel files can be converted into other format. Microsoft Excel file can be converted into other format by means of a command «Save as» in Excel. The formats of files accessible in a dialogue window Saving the document depend on type of active sheet (usual worksheet, the diagram or other type of sheet). For the majority of formats of files the active worksheet will be converted only. To convert other worksheets, it is necessary to open and keep them separately. During converting file into other format the part of the formatting, data and other properties can be lost. Files can be opened and kept in the text formats. During worksheet saving in a text format all elements of formatting are lost. Can we convert Excel file to image or convert xls to jpg? We will admit you need to convert xls to bmp. How to convert Excel in a graphic format?

If the necessary converter of file format is absent in Excel, it is possible to try to look for the company offering converters of formats which are not supported by Excel on the Internet. There are converters which are capable to convert xls to png or to convert xlsx to jpeg. Speed of converting will define how quickly will be a file converting. We think it is more pleasant and more convenient, when process occurs quickly. The more speed of the converter, the more files you can convert for a smaller time interval. If you do not like difficult programs you agree that simplicity in use is important feature for certain too.

We are ready to offer you the good tool for converting. Here you can find the converter to convert Excel file to image. It is the best converter which supports the following graphic formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, TIF, TGA, RLE, PNG, EMF and WMF. If you need the qualitative converting you will choose this tool. It can convert xls, xlsx, xlsm (pictures, graphics). You can free download this program and install on the computer. The program is developed for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 to convert xls to bmp.

Thus, we have talked about converting Excel into other formats. The program can convert a file into some text formats. As for graphic formats installation the additional utility is required. You need the converter for converting into graphic formats. Ability of converting is not unique feature to which it is necessary to pay attention during converter’s purchase. We have mentioned some features and you have a choice. You have a converter to convert xls to png or to convert xlsx to jpeg.