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Everyone knows what is USB flash drive or memory stick. At that moment we use them for data saving and keeping in digital devices: computers, cameras, mobile phones, MP3. Today we have a lot of different data medium: SD, MMC, CompactFlash Type I и II, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Trans Flash, mini SD, micro SD, RS-MMC, Smart Media, Mini Disk and so on. They are easy-to-use and practical; they do not take a lot of place and handy. Manu users like to use flash drive.

Have a look at advantages of flash drive and memory stick:

- easy-to-use;

- compact size;

- large capacity;

- stability to mechanical damages.

Nevertheless there is possibility to damage files which are keeping on memory stick despite all advantages. The loss of data has many reasons.  There are cases when loss of data is connected with errors of micro programs of a disk, logic defects of the storage device.   It happens because of wrong power cut of computer or failures in the system.  Mechanical influence is not excluded. Memory stick recovery is possible in many cases and there are special programs for it. You can try USB data recovery without assistance of professional organizations.

You have opportunity free download software and do USB data recovery.

There are cases when you have no time to transfer the data or to make a backup copy. For example, you went in trip in other country and have brought many pictures on your memory stick. During transferring process of data the system has failure and memory stick is damaged. May be you have saved report on USB flash drive without control of recording and you can not open the important document. It is vexing for you when the memory stick of mobile phone is damaged. You save information there which you use every day and you do not make backup copy of memory stick.

All these situations happen in our life.  You must not have a panic and do flash drive formatting. Flash drive formatting will be the reason of completely deletion of damaged files.

You have to do memory stick recovery with special program, and then you have better chances for USB data recovery.

You can free download program for USB flash drive recovery or for memory stick recovery on your PC or laptop, read user manual, start up the program. Then you can do USB data recovery. This program is for Windows, Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 operation system.

Further we recommend following elementary rules of flash drive usage to avoid serious damages. If you have very serious damage and can not resolve this problem we recommend going to the special company.

We hope that this software for USB flash drive recovery will be your best tool and make your life easy.