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Let’s discuss actions which are often useful or simply necessary for correct formatting Excel worksheets. Creating the table, we cannot be assured that quantity of rows and the columns defined during its creation will be enough. At any moment it is possible to add or remove columns, rows or separate cells easily. For addition the column or a row in the table, it is enough to mark out all column or a row of worksheet. Then you have to activate the contextual menu, to execute a command «Add cells». You can remove columns or rows simply and quickly. A difference consists in that after activation the contextual menu it is necessary to execute a command “Remove”. How to delete blank rows Excel with the large data file? We have a lot of such rows and to delete manually is a routine and long work. Is there an automatic way of blank rows removal? There is the automatic way of blank rows removal and the good tool is necessary for this purpose to remove blank rows Excel or delete hidden rows in Excel .

To delete blank rows in Excel it is not necessary to be the programmer and to invent special commands. Certainly, if you have the vocational education and it is not a problem for you being able to do it. If you do not have vocational education you can take advantage of the ready tool. Developers have created the special utility to remove blank rows in Excel. You install the program on the personal computer, study the interface and functions. Everything is simple and elementary, when you have an excellent tool. Where to take the software? The Internet gives many possibilities, including software downloading.

We can advise the good program. The utility is created to delete blank rows Excel. It is the best utility which works with Microsoft Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007. The utility interface is clear and convenient both for beginners, and for the advanced users. The program is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Free download the best tool and install on the computer or the laptop and try to remove blank rows Excel.

Thus, creating the table in MS Excel, we do not know how many rows are required for us. In the course of work we add or we delete a row. If we have some blank rows for removal it can be made manually. If we have many blank rows for removal, prefer an automatic way. We advise to delete blank rows in Excel by means of the given utility. Test functionality of the program for free. Now you can remove blank rows in Excel easily.