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Windows Media Player is the popular program of company Microsoft. We are sure that you have estimated all advantages of this player because it is used not only for playing sound files but also for video files and supports various formats of files. Though, if you are the music fan you use it for listening of songs mainly.

People who take a great interest in a music collecting they like to fill up the collection. The simplest way of stocking of a musical collection is sites in the Internet. These are many such sites and the person with any musical taste can find there interesting things. Some sites suggest buying an account to have an opportunity to download albums with high speed in a few minutes. Other sites give the chance to download files with small speed; therefore you have to have patience. Because some time will pass before you can listen to the necessary album. There are file exchangers where it is possible to download free music with good speed. You have a choice. You have to decide what site to prefer.

Downloading music from the Internet, you have to notice that not all files have normal names and tags. For example, you have downloaded a new album of favourite group and see such: the Track 1 or the Unknown artist. What have to do? If you leave everything without changing with the lapse of time it will be difficult for you to recollect what song is in what album. The only exit is – to edit tags. No, do not think that it is necessary to change the name of everyone tag manually. We do not suggest doing it as we know that it is labour-intensive process which demands time and assiduity. There is more reliable and simple way – mp3 tag editor. Mp3 tag editor or mp3 id tag editor is that tool which we offer.

The mp3 tag editors have been created for the following operational systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can download free mp3 tag editors and to try to put things in order in a musical collection. If you think that the mp3 batch tag editor is developed only for professional users who use it in the course of work you are mistaken. We can assure you that the mp3 batch tag editor is created for usual users. The mp3 id3 tag editor makes a pleasant impression about itself because it has the convenient interface and the clear menu. It simplifies work with the utility; especially it is pleasant for beginners who do not use the similar software for change mp3 tags. Undoubtedly they will estimate good functions which are offered by the mp3 id3 tag editor.

Now you know what to do in case when tags have the wrong name or have no name in general. The mp3 tag editor will help to edit tags and also with its help it is possible to insert the song text. It does all process of editing automatically and quickly. Try the mp3 id3 tag editor and make sure in it.