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In the course of worksheets processing it is necessary to move and copy sheet Excel, both within the working book and in other book. We will consider how we can make copying and moving worksheets. Except an insert and sheets removal, it can be necessary operation of copying and moving some sheets within one working book or from one working book in another. It is possible to create a new worksheet simply and to copy the necessary data. If you deal with the large object of data it is more convenient to copy a worksheet entirely. So, to copy Excel worksheet we use two ways. We will take advantage of the contextual menu services by the right key of the mouse, we choose a command to Copy, or we can take advantage of a command the Format. How to copy worksheet or copy sheets in Excel, to move it to other file?

In Excel you can have a necessity to transfer or copy one of worksheets of Excel working book to another with keeping formatting and the size of cells. To execute copying Excel worksheets, it is necessary to open both working books firstly. Then open sheet in which you wish to copy worksheets in Excel. Click the right button of a mouse on a bookmark of the given sheet and choose “Move/copy” in the menu. There can be a problem: the height and width of cells is lost during data copying of worksheet to other worksheet, i.e. data are inserted, but width of cells is identical then it is necessary to move columns and lines on height or width manually. Do you wish some advice? The good utility will solve this problem.

We advise the special utility which can copy sheet Excel or copy Excel worksheets. It is the best tool which works with Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007. The program interface is clear and convenient both for the beginners and for the advanced users. The recommended tool is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Free download the program and install on the computer or the laptop to copy worksheet. Study the instruction to copy worksheet correctly.

Thus, there are situations when it is required to show data of Microsoft Office Excel sheet or the diagram created in Excel in Microsoft Office Word document. We have talked how copying Excel worksheets was carried out. It is possible to copy dedicated data in Microsoft Excel or diagrams simply, and it is possible to use the program which will make copying better. If you have got used to use such utilities in daily occurrence then this program will be the good assistant. Try to copy worksheets in Excel by means of the recommended tool.