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Copying worksheets is an emergent necessity in the course of work with documents. It can be useful to those users who insert the large-format tables created in Excel into the documents from time to time. Unfortunately, copying the table from Excel and its paste in document Word has lacks. The most obvious lacks: the table falls outside the limits pages and its format (a font, an interval) differs from a document format. In Microsoft Office Excel it is possible to copy Excel worksheets or the diagram on other sheet or diagram sheet, in other book or other place on the same sheet. It is possible to copy Excel diagram to other Microsoft Office programs, such as PowerPoint and Word. If necessary it is possible to copy the static image of the diagram to other place of the book or to the document created in other program.

There are different ways of sharing data by Microsoft Office programs. For example, Word gives some ways of Microsoft Excel data insert in Word document. It is possible to copy and insert Excel worksheet into Word document. Besides, it is possible to insert spreadsheet in the form of the connected object or the introduced object into Word document. How to copy Excel worksheet to another workbook or copy sheets in Excel? We need the fastest and simple way that then it will be not necessary to edit a file. Copying sheets is better to carry out by means of the special utility. Where to take such program, to execute copying sheets?

We offer the special utility which carries out copying worksheets. It is the best tool which works with Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007. The program interface is clear and convenient both for beginners, and for the advanced users. The recommended tool is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Free download the program and install on the computer or the laptop to copy Excel worksheets. Test the utility to understand, how it functions.

Thus, if there is a requirement to copy sheets in a file it is necessary to find a simple and fast way to make it. Do you prefer an automatic way to copy Excel worksheet to another workbook? Then carry out copying sheets by the instrumentality of special program software. On this site you will find the good tool for copying sheets. Try to install the program and to copy Excel worksheet to another workbook. Excel allows using data from other sheets and from other tables in the table. Not to create the same table twice, simply use copying.