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Probably you know that the program for work with Excel spreadsheets combines the convenient form of the table with computing possibilities of the calculator. You have the right not only to use the given application for creation financial reports, sheets, but also to apply its built in possibilities to calculation full and intermediate results and having more difficult estimations. The given application offers many ways of setting; therefore it is possible to make such program interface which is most convenient for work for the concrete user. In Microsoft Office 2007 we have the new file format based on XML language.  Thus, names of usual files Excel 2007 have file extention xlsx, instead of xls. It is more favorable to use XLSB format since it allows the same as XLSX, but data is stored in more compact and the compressed form thanks to what the file size is essentially less. You can convert XLS to XLSB or convert xlsx to xlsm or convert XLS to XLSX files.

Xlsm is the file of the spreadsheets containing built in macro which can be executed within the limits of this document; the document is based on new Open XML format, used in Office 2007. Possibility of the information reorganization in a spreadsheet is not less important, than data input and their editing. Therefore it is necessary to be able to operate lines and columns within sheet, and also sheets within the working book, and sometimes within the several books containing connected data. One more useful possibility is opportunity to learn to convert XLSB to XLSX or convert XLSM to XLSX.

To convert formats it is necessary to have the special utility which will transform Excel formats. Are you looking for the similar program for converting formats? Here there is a program to convert XLS to XLSB or convert xlsx to xlsm. It is the best converter which works with Excel 97/2000/XP/2003/2007. The program interface is clear and convenient both for beginners, and for the advanced users. The recommended tool is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Free download the program and install on the computer or the laptop to convert XLS to XLSB or convert xlsx to xlsm.

Thus, you have a possibility to convert formats. This possibility has appeared thanks to developers who have created the converter. Now your old documents can be changed in that format which you consider as the most essential. Do you wish to have such utility? Everything that is necessary for you is to install the program and to convert XLSB to XLSX or convert XLSM to XLSX. Similar utilities always facilitate routine work.