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Do you want to create booklet by own hands? Some people when they were children could to draw beautiful pictures and to create original greeting cards. All people said that they have a talent and admired with their works. Unfortunately, not all people can draw beautifully. But they wish to create something interesting because the creative source is present at each person. In our century of computer technologies when we have the computers and the laptops, each person can try to create booklet by own hands. Now it is not necessary to buy a paper, pencils and other accessories for drawing. It is enough to switch on the computer, to choose the special program (we pay attention that except the Photoshop there are other programs so you have the right of a choice) and to try making booklet.

Making booklet is the process the result of which is original thing and you will be happy and also those people will be happy to whom you present these booklet or cards. These cards will be unlike others as they contain your photo (it can be any photo, depending on whom you create a card for). The photo decorated beautifully in the form of a card is that is necessary for you. Therefore try to make it as well as it is possible. It is recommended to start to create a collage in a good mood. The good mood is your best assistant for creative process. Why is it? If you start to create a collage or a booklet for the first time you do not avoid little mistakes. Be ready for the positive result and then these mistakes will be ordinary lessons which study us. If the mood makes worse then delay an action for some time in order to do not spoil things which you have made.

We hope you have not changed the mind and you have overcome difficulties (difficulties are present in any new business which we master) and wish to create photo collage or make booklet. Open the photo album and choose any picture. Now think of that person to whom you present this photo collage or the booklet. Think about pleasant emotions which will be caused by your gift. It is wonderful! The good and strong motivation is the guarantee of success. It is cool to create photo collage, booklet, photo calendar and the heart fills with joy and your relatives admire your good creations, it is a remarkable moment.

So, you have reached what wanted and have learnt to make a photo collage, greeting cards and booklets. It will be interesting try to make a photo calendar too. Do not stop and invent new ideas. Develop your creativity and fantasy.

Once again we return to the software which helps to create a collage. The utility for calendar making is developed for the following operational systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You have a chance free download it and to install on the personal computer or the laptop. It contains ready templates, frames, backgrounds and has many functions for beginners and for the advanced users. The tool has all necessary things to help to create booklet.