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PDF – is a cross platform format of electronic documents created by company Adobe Systems with use of some possibilities of PostScript language. This format is intended for printing production representation in electronic form. It has given the chance to unite all elements of the publication — fonts, drawing, illustrations, imposition and even print parameters — in one package which can be compressed, or you can supply it with a digital signature and to cipher. For viewing it is possible to use official free program Adobe Acrobat Reader. Versions of the Adobe Reader program for viewing PDF-files exist practically for all operational systems and usually enter into a standard set of the applications installed on the computer. How to split PDF? Official program Adobe Reader will not do for it. Splitting PDF files or splitting a PDF is carried out by other program.

PDF files contain everything that is necessary for correct display of the contained document even there are no fonts used in it on the personal computer or the program it has been created in which. The size of PDF-files is rather insignificant; therefore it is possible to send them by e-mail without problems. As it is known, each program has the lacks. Adobe Acrobat Reader is created only for reading files. To split PDF file, it is necessary to install the additional utility. We will talk about the additional utility for splitting files and we will offer the best program for this purpose. So, to split large PDF files pay attention to the following program.

You need to split PDF and you search for a way to split PDF. We offer the good tool for splitting PDF files. You can execute splitting PDF files by the instrumentality of given software. The program is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can free download the utility on the given site and execute splitting PDF files. The program interface is simple and clear for many users. Look at it attentively. Try to split PDF and estimate functionality of the utility.

Thus, we have talked about PDF format for electronic documents. Besides its advantages, users mark its problems and complexities. Developers try to correct tasks and offer additional utilities for editing and for splitting files. The utility for splitting has been presented your attention. If you need to split PDF file install the utility and start to operate. You can split large PDF files without problems. The program interface is simple and convenient in use. Be convinced of it, carrying out splitting files.