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We all took a great interest in a collecting of posters with the image of favourite artists and actors. Modern teenagers take a great interest in a collecting of posters too. When you come into their bedroom it is possible to see various posters on the walls: posters with actors or cars, comic posters or propaganda posters. The posters with personal photos are popular; these posters can be made for you. In general, people of different age will be glad to see a poster with own photo. It is a good kind of the business to make poster, some people and in particular the companies use printing firms which can draw poster, a frame, a photo collage etc. If you are interested in creation posters for personal use (for example, for an original gift to friends, brothers or sisters, employees, relatives) and you wish to try to draw poster and a collage by own hands, then this material is for you.

It is possible to make poster at home if you have the computer (laptop) and the good software. It is not necessary to install the Photoshop if your purpose is only creation posters. We think that you have the personal computer because you read this material. As for the good software you can easy find it in the Internet. You can free download the program for creation of posters, read the instruction for it. The utility is ideal for such operational systems, as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It has ready patterns and frames; it will facilitate possibility to create photo poster or create invitation card for those users who do the first steps in this area.

So, it is necessary to decide for whom we will make poster and make calendars. For the practice you can open the photo album and choose any photo. We are sure that you have an excellent collection of photos of friends, relatives or simply beautiful pictures. Now it is necessary to think about background for a poster. Here advices are out of place because the taste is different and such simple task as the choice of a background will not cause questions in everyone. By the way, you can take advantage of ready templates if you have difficulties. Are you ready? Then we take a photo and start to create. Do not forget to make an interesting inscription on a poster. For example: «The most attractive person», «Everything will brighten from a smile» or «Do you like me? ». Do you want an interesting frame for a poster? Then show creativity and select. As you can see everybody can create photo poster it is so fascinating occupation that we can forget about time absolutely. We hope that first practice makes perfect and you are happy with result.

So, you have received the general introduction how to make poster. You can make happy the brother or sister and give them a poster. Your friends or employees will estimate your creations. May be they will want to learn how to draw poster, frame or a photo collage. And you will share the secrets!