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You work with electronic documents in PDF format. You know that opening PDF files is carried out by means of special program. You need the special software for opening a PDF file, for example Adobe Acrobat Reader. Format PDF has set of the advantages, one of them is easily changeable scale of the image and copying/addition function of images or the text. It is possible to use multimedia (video, audio clips), hyperlinks, and the forms which are stored in external databases in pdf file. Various algorithms of a compression (archiving) allow compressing effectively both the text and the drawing. There is a possibility to set the password on viewing/editing, to create a digital signature for identification of the author. Images, watermarks, hyperlinks and comments can be added in PDF document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader program from Adobe Systems is intended only for PDF document viewing and display of its contents. You cannot change PDF document contents, using only Adobe Acrobat Reader. Therefore users are in search of the additional software to make changes in documents or to print PDF files or open PDF file. After all before printing PDF files it is necessary to add or remove something. Developers add some pdf editing possibilities in these programs or give simultaneous support of several formats (djvu, tiff). The program differs from Adobe Reader faster work – it opens files instantly and the interface is user friendly.

You need opening PDF files and you search for the additional utility for opening a PDF file. There is such tool and it is good alternative. You can open PDF file by means of the given software. The program for opening PDF files is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You can free download the program on the given site. The program interface is simple and clear for many users. Look at it attentively. Try the utility and estimate its functionality and additional possibilities for editing.

Thus, we have talked about work with electronic documents PDF. We have considered advantages of work with this format. Nothing is difficult in printing PDF files. Nothing is difficult in opening the document and to familiarize with it. The special program is necessary to you. You can choose. So, if you have decided to print PDF files or read PDF files then install the program for opening PDF files.