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Have you lost the important files and wanted their immediate recovery? On the Internet there is a lot of information about how to carry out deleted file recovery. Data recovery deleted files is carried out by experts or usual users if they have the special utility for recovery. Let’s discuss a situation about data recovery of e-mail Outlook. Maintenance of communication by means of e-mail forms a basis of any company therefore it is of great importance in the business world. E-mail can serve for hundreds important things. It can contain notices about meetings, notes, the important business offers or simple electronic letters. If importance of e-mail is underestimated, it creates the big danger for any professional. Importance of e-mail has forced to create all new and new methods for duplication of data, creations of backup copies and record these data on hard drives. When e-mail stops to work, communication through e-mail is stopped suddenly, lists of meetings become inaccessible, and you lose lists of clients.

Besides data recovery of e-mail there is data recovery (texts, pictures, video, and music) on a hard drive, on a memory card, on a flash disk. In such situations fast file recovery is necessary. Fast file recovery is the decision for the problem of loss of information. The lost data do not disappear during one moment; some of them can be restored. When the file cannot be opened, probably it is damaged. Special programs have possibility to restore erased files and recover deleted data.

Deleted file recovery is carried out by means of the special utility. You can free download it on the Internet; this is the best software for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows seven). You can casually damage Word or Excel files. Then this program will execute data recovery deleted files. It is necessary to download this tool and to install on the personal computer. By the instrumentality of it you can recover damaged data: media files – photos, music, video and text files. As for formats it is possible to recover files of the following formats: JPG, GIF, AVI, MPEG, mp3, xls, doc and other known formats.

Thus, you have lost files and wanted fast file recovery. Fast file recovery solves a problem of loss of the information which is necessary for you. Be ready to spend some time for studying the interface and functionality of the program. Fast file recovery is a procedure which can be executed, having the good utility. Install the utility on the personal computer and restore erased files and recover Excel file.