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Recover deleted files

1.At the first stage of program’s work it is necessary to choose a place where search of deleted files will be made.
2. Choose type of recoverable files.
If it is necessary to return to the previous step, click button “Back”. To begin search of deleted files, click button “Next”.
3. When process of searching deleted files will end, the program will show the list of files which can be recovered. In the appeared window it is necessary to tick off the files necessary for you. It can be made manually and it is possible automatically clicking button “Filter”.
4. Click button “Select” and tick off a folder where the file after recovery will be put. To begin process recovery of the chosen files click button “Next”.
5. When the program will finish process recovery of deleted files it will show the report. The report shows the file name, file type, the size and a folder where it is.
To return to results of searching deleted files, click button “Back”. To exit from the program click button “Exit”.