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Loss of the information in the process of work is an unpleasant situation which can be with every user of PC. We all depend on the personal computer. Today it is difficult to imagine that it is possible to carry out official duties without the computer in the office. The computer is a large database; these are the results of our activity. Let’s consider some errors which lead to loss of data. These are system failures which result from wrong using the computer or a problem with a hard disk. These are virus attacks which get into the computer if we do not observe safety regulations or we do not use an antivirus. This is accidental formatting which leads to loss of files. We can avoid some errors and some errors we can not avoid because it is not our fault. The best decision will be file replication and automatic backup.

What is file folder replication and for what it is necessary? File replication is a creation and maintenance of multiple copies of the same database. It is necessary for automatic file replication. File replication is divided into synchronous replication and asynchronous replication. Synchronous file replication is an identical mirroring of data into two systems of storage. Asynchronous file replication is replication which is carried out not during recording of the original block of data, and during convenient time. Thus, file replication is a process of synchronization of data copies.

Automatic file replication is thing which the experienced user of the computer should know. If you know that your data is valuable for you or for your company it is necessary to store them reliably. File replicator is a tool for reliable keeping of the information. By the instrumentality of file replicator you will make automatic file replication and PC data backup without assistance.

File replication is better to carry out by the instrumentality of the time-tested and reliable software. For this purpose you have to look for such tool. You will find many utilities in the Internet with similar functions, read the information about them attentively and study their functionality. The most basic function is an automatic file replication. Besides this function the utility can have some additional functions. If you are interested in them then read recommendations of other users. Have a look that the program will be for operational system Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. You can try the free program before to spend money for the paid program. Probably it is that you search. Free download the program and estimate it. It is important that it has the convenient interface and be simple in use.

We use external drives, flash drives and a local network for keeping of files. File folder replication is possible between these devices.

The process of synchronization of data copies is needed to be carried out between various devices: the computer and the laptop, the computer and flash drive, the computer and the external drives. For this purpose you have to look for the best utility which carries out file folder replication. It saves your time and it is additional convenience in a daily life.