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Today we will talk about the Internet activity. Each user of the personal computer is able to use the Internet, including the beginner. The Internet is accessible for studying and each interested person can master bases of using the Internet independently. Using the Internet, you have to know some moments which all users of the Internet have to know irrespective of level of knowledge. During Internet viewing all visited pages are collected in the memory of computer in the form of the hidden files. Your personal information about Internet use is stored on your computer. Do you know what cookies are? According to the encyclopedia: it is a small fragment of data, kept on the computer of the user in the form of a file, which web browser (Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, AOL, Apple Safari and Opera) sends to a web server each time. Do you know that it is necessary to erase cookies? Do you know that it is necessary to clear the Internet activity (Internet erasers) for protection of your confidentiality?

Probably, you think that it is enough to clear history of the visited pages you are mistaken. You cannot remove the hidden files completely. Pages of sites and other elements can remain on a hard drive and you do not suspect about it at all. Certainly if you want to erase Internet activity it is a smart decision in order to keep your information confidential. Your relatives or employees can get access to the computer and if they are the advanced users of the personal computer they can see all hidden files. Only full clearing of the Internet activity by means of the special absolute Internet eraser will clear the computer from undesirable files and file systems FAT/FAT32/NTFS.

We are talking about the special program software for removal the Internet activity and erasing Internet history. This useful utility belongs to the free program software. You can free download the tool for clearing of the Internet history and erase cookies. The program is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You have decided to clear the Internet activity and to try Internet erasers functionality. Then install the utility on the computer or the laptop and try.

Thus, we have talked about the Internet activity and how to delete the Internet activity. If you use the Internet do not be lazy and learn about some things which are useful for knowing for users of the Internet. Keep your data confidential. Erase Internet activity and it will protect the Internet activity and your data from other users because they will be removed and inaccessible to others. Full clearing of the Internet activity is possible, if you have the best absolute Internet eraser for this purpose.