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Recently it was possible to read messages at a forum from one user which asked for advice what to do if he forgot SQL password. The administrator of a forum tried to help him, but he did not understand a problem essence at the first massage. By the way, he could not understand it at second time and asked specifying questions. The user described a situation in other words. He has written all in detail and even quoted what the computer displayed and wrote about error. On the second page of a forum they were continued to discuss situation but I did not have patience to read all any more. I was surprised, how this user who forgot SA password had the patience to answer for the numerous questions. I have had the idea to write material about it and to help other users not to waste time and to operate.

If you have forgotten SA password that reasonable decision would be the special program software and mdf file. Dear user of MS SQL Server Express, do not waste time for messaging at forums in hope to receive fast advice. It will be better, if you install this program software and will try to execute password recovery for SQL. Do you think that you will not cope with the new utility and it is difficult to execute everything at the first time? Usually the software is created not to complicate present situation. Therefore try to learn it, and then make conclusions.

If the user forgot SQL password, it would be reasonable to install the additional program software to find the password and to correct a situation quickly. The recommended utility for reset SA password is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. You have excellent possibility free download the given utility for SQL password recovery on this site. The tool for password recovering does for Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008. Now you have learnt that if you forgot SA password there was the fast decision. Do not waste time and operate!

Thus, after reading messages at a forum that the user has forgotten SA password I has been inspired on a writing of this material. I hope that the material will be useful for many users. Try to carry out password recovery for SQL by the instrumentality of one of the best utilities for recovering. Install it on the personal computer and it will help you in the similar situation again. As for the information at forums it happens useful and timely when someone can answer your message at once. As it is known, only timely advice will be valuable advice.