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The subject about how to protect documents in Microsoft Word remains actual subject for many users of the personal computer. Protection of documents is not a secret, and any interested person can protect the document from other users. Nevertheless, there are questions about it at many forums. People ask how to establish protection on documents. We will remind that the simplest way of protection is putting the password on file opening or on its change. Come into the menu “Service” and choose a command “Parameters”. The dialogue window will be opened in which it is necessary to click on inlay “Safety”. Well, a secret how to put the password on document opening is opened. Use this way of protection and do not forget the password. And what to do if the owner of the document has lost Word password? Agree that it is unpleasant, if you lost Word document password.

Are you ready to study the additional program software for password recovering? We think if you lost Microsoft Word password and the document was important for you then you had to try to do it. In order to recover the password it is possible to study the special software. These special utilities are created taking into account that people with different level of knowledge can use them. Therefore programmers try to create them with the convenient interface and the user menu. Do not think, that it is necessary to study too difficult program if you lost MS Word password. The program is simple in use and you can master it independently. If you are ready to install the additional software then it is necessary to install it.

This good program is created for operational system Windows: Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. If the user of text editor MS Word has lost Word password he has had the best tool for its recovering. Use the moment and quickly install the given utility. You can free download it on this site and install on the personal computer or the laptop. Unfortunately, you had situation when you have lost Word document password. Therefore such utility should be always at your fingertips to avoid superfluous excitements.

Thus, you know the secret of documents protection in MS Word. And you have known the secret of password recovering if you lost Microsoft Word password. This special software works with Word 97-2007 and uses such effective methods for unlock Word password: brute-force attack, brute force with mask and dictionary attack. Have you lost MS Word password? Let’s restore it by the instrumentality of the given utility automatically and quickly! Is this program worthy to be in your collection of useful utilities for find Word password?