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Your personal computer is a data warehouse, where you keep necessary information. On your working PC you keep important data that was collected many years in your company. These are organizational documents, financial reporting, and personnel documentation and so on. On your home computer you keep photos, video and music files and private documents.  These things has important role in your life. Certainly you know that you have to do backup copy of data. Don’t forget that there is a risk of data loss and data recovery and flash file recovery will take a lot of time and effort.

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There are unforeseen circumstances when files are lost in the process of work on PC.  Many of us faced similar problem on work and at home. Unfortunately all of us are not perfect people and we make mistakes by absent-mindedness and carelessness.  It happens we are in a hurry and forget about saving file or click wrong key by accidence and the necessary files are deleted.  What we have to do? Certainly we try to do file recovery.

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Everyone knows what is USB flash drive or memory stick. At that moment we use them for data saving and keeping in digital devices: computers, cameras, mobile phones, MP3. Today we have a lot of different data medium: SD, MMC, CompactFlash Type I и II, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Trans Flash, mini SD, micro SD, RS-MMC, Smart Media, Mini Disk and so on. They are easy-to-use and practical; they do not take a lot of place and handy. Manu users like to use flash drive.

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Automation program is intended for business process automation. It will allow save your time and costs, increase business, remove the possibility of human errors.

Automation software is the best for your computer or laptop and has the following features:
- easier automation, no programming required, automation samples;
- faster automation automatically gives intelligence to your tasks and can automate several times faster than other software; it sets a new standard in security;
- automate any task from the most complex to the very simple.

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Macro Recorder program is irreplaceable and necessary utility for your PC or laptop that automates repetitive and tedious tasks during working process. You do not waste time on monotonous and repeating many times operations because Macro Recorder software will do it for you. This utility records all operation of mouse and keystrokes, and saves them as macros, and then can play back the recorded macros to automate tasks. Macro Recorder program works on any Windows applications, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. You can use this utility for business processes and for individual tasks or at home. No additional knowledge or programming required and it can be used by ordinary users.

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Keyboard macro recorder is utility that was made for improving your work. It automates repetitive tasks and relieves routine work.  It is not only a mouse recorder and keyboard recorder; it is also the best powerful automation software for automation of tasks on your computer or the laptop.

Mouse macro recorder
will save keystrokes and mouse activity, record them to disk as a macro and all tasks will be automated.