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The management of your company does not think to get new office package MS Office 2007.  Then you have received Excel 2007 files in new and not clear format. You can talk to a management and present them possibilities of the new version. Tell that Excel 2007 gives more powerful and convenient tools of conditional formatting. Such formatting is convenient for the data analysis – it is possible to paint a worksheet so, that each color will correspond to certain data. In that case even the passing on document sheet will suffice to know problem places. It is necessary to pay attention to the possibility of conditional formatting of one cell containing the text, number or date. The given way allows finding cells with certain value quickly. In Excel 2007 there is a possibility of conditional formatting of the top and bottom values in a range of cells. While the management thinks, Xlsx to xls converter is necessary for you to convert from xlsx to xls or convert Excel 2007 to Excel.

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In Excel 2007 the new format of files is created. Files of new format have received four-letter xlsx extention. All Office documents are more compact now in particular the majority of Excel worksheets in new format take fewer places. Besides, in Excel 2007 there is a new format of files Binary Workbook (*.xlsb), optimized for as much as possible fast downloading and keeping great volumes of data. There is no more restriction in three criteria (color) in conditional formatting in Excel 2007. Now it is possible to set any quantity of conditions for any cells and ranges. Possibilities of conditional formatting have increased manyfold. Now it is the powerful tool of visualization data. If you have no new office package, and you receive Excel file in a new format file converter xlsx to xls is necessary for you. It is the special tool to convert Excel 2007 to Excel or convert from xlsx to xls.

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If you have a look at Excel 2007 for the first time we understand your excitement. Interface of Excel 2007 is constructed by analogy with interface of Word 2007 and cardinally differs from the previous classical versions. Some experts recommend learning Word to work with Excel easier at first. If you do not object, it is a good variant and it is necessary to try. When we have MS Office 2007 version there is a problem to open a file with xlsx extention in previous MS Office versions (2000/XP/2003). MS Excel 2007 creates a new file in an xlsx format by default. If it is necessary to read a file xlsx which is created by means of MS Excel 2007, and you have MS Office 2000, XP or 2003 on computer it is possible to try to convert xlsx to xls. Possibly, you heard about converting earlier. Converting gives the chance to transform a format. We will prompt how to convert xlsx to xls files or convert from xlsx to xls.

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Each user of the computer is acquainted with electronic documents. Recently more and more people read books in an electronic variant on computers, pocket computer, communicator or smart phones. People prefer electronic books because they are not heavy and do not take a lot of place. The essential minus of electronic books is a fatigue and sight decrease. Other minus – there is no a lot of books of high quality on the Internet. Or your device for reading electronic books reads not all formats. This minus can be eliminated easily if to learn to convert formats easily. For example, it is possible to convert Word file to txt. If you are interested to convert Word to txt file then read further.

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Text files are a theme of our material. Today word processors are universal programs which are used by not only people of the different trades, but also home users. Word processor Microsoft Office Word is very popular and claimed. Word appointment is a creation, editing and formatting the text documents of three types: printing, electronic which are stored in computers and they are intended for viewing on the screen of the monitor and Web-documents which are intended for the publication on the Internet. Creating the document, we usually format it. Formatting is a registration of the document, giving appearance it according to the office-work standards, design and aesthetic preferences. One day the head gives order – to transform Word to the text. The order of the heads is not a subject for discussion. Is there any possibility to keep the document containing the tables from doc in txt so that the table will remain? You need to search for Word to text converter. The doc to txt converter is a special utility which changes formats.

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The general name of the software intended for creation, editing and formatting text documents is word processors. Now word processor Microsoft Word has the greatest distribution. In word processor Word it is accepted to use two methods of creation the new document: on the basis of ready template or on the basis of the existing document. The second method is easier, but the first is more correct methodically. Text editor MS Word is intended for creation mainly text documents with tables, drawings and other objects insertion. The size of the document practically is not limited neither by quantity of pages nor by the file size. The text editor window contains the menu line, the panel of tools, the document field, and the status line. It is possible to convert Word to txt. There are situations when there is a necessity to convert Word to text or convert Word file to txt.

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Microsoft Word program is known to wide ranges of computer users. Word is a text editor offering different opportunities and the application for setting documents model but in order to use it most effectively, it is necessary to know bases of work with it. The text can be entered into the document by means of the keyboard. It is possible to insert certain text fragments or even the whole files into the document. Word gives set of the functions, allowing carrying out proof-reading editing, editing and change the text information. The user can define the styles including some formatting parameters, and to apply all these parameters simultaneously or to use themes for Web pages registration in a uniform key during setting styles. It is possible to keep Word document in HTML format; thereby you can use it as Web-page. It is called converting Word to html. Converting doc to html is necessary for you if you wish to transform page.

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You have decided to create web page on the Internet. There are some good advices for those who wish to be engaged in it. The page should look well, be convenient and simple in use. There should be a reference to the main page on each web page. To make the text more legible, try to use contrast colors – for example, the black text on a white background. Use different fonts for marking out various ideas. Create such design which will be downloaded quickly. Optimize page, using the tiny drawing for economy place. If it is necessary, it is possible to expand the tiny image, having clicked by the left button of the mouse on it. The information should be supported and be updated constantly. Create a sitemap. It will help the visitor to get on page necessary for him. Create web page, using HTML language. If you have a lot of material in the Word it is possible to convert Word in html. How to convert Word to HTML or convert doc to html?

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Undoubtedly, we all know that MS Word is used for creation text documents. Microsoft Word is a leading system of the text documents processing, combining wide spectrum of the most powerful editing tools, formatting and the publication tools for documents. The program interface is so simple, that each user can master it for a short time interval. Using Word, it is possible to create any documents and to publish them in electronic form and in the form of printing copies too. Word has the richest set of automation means for documents creation. Auto format function allows carrying out text formatting during printing process. Adaptive menu and panels of tools move most often used commands to more accessible places and it facilitates access to them. It is available the built in means for creation geometrical figures, lines, rectangles, ovals and other simple graphic objects in Word. We are interested in Word to html converter to convert doc to html.

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How to copy sheets in Excel or copy worksheet? Possibilities of Microsoft Excel tabular processor are really unlimited. Not only calculations possibilities, but such possibilities which allow solving data control problems, in particular, their joint use. Sheets can be copied or moved to other location within one working book or to other book. However worksheet copying should be carried out with care. Sheet moving can serve as a cause of error in calculations or the diagrams based on data of this sheet. Besides, if the copied sheet is inserted between sheets to which the three-dimensional reference refers, data on this sheet can be included in calculations. To move or copy sheets to other working book, be convinced that this working book is opened in MS Excel application. It is important, that you make copying Excel sheets, using the reliable and professional program.