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Excel is an inseparable part of the complete of office programs Microsoft Office. If you think, that you know all possibilities of Excel you are mistaken. It is much more Excel possibilities than it seems. MS Excel has a considerable quantity of the functions which many people never use and which remain hidden from our eyes until will be necessary. Undoubtedly, you own some knowledge, and use some functions skillfully. For creation the beautiful table, it is necessary to mark out cells by border, to choose a font, color and other elements. If there is a necessity of editing data in a cell, we will put the cursor on it and we will start to write, the previous contents of a cell will disappear. Certainly, the most important property of Excel is calculation. As soon as we will enter data into cells and any cell we will define a result cell, its value will change if the entered data will change. Why do we need converter for Excel? Converting Excel files is necessary to change a file format.

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Importance of computers usage in our daily activity has led to requirement of studying its bases. You remembered that time when you started to work with office package. MS Excel program was the most difficult program for you. Sometimes the management of the companies asks the employees to go to the computer courses to improve knowledge. For example, there was a new version of office package and the programs were improved by new functions. There are various types of training and there are various procedures for this purpose. Demand for knowledge of the computer increases quickly, because it is required in almost each sphere of activity. What to do if the management does not wish that employees go on courses? If your management considers that you have to master programs you have to do it. Today you need to convert Excel file. You hear about converting for the first time and you are in confusion. You have made correctly that have tried to learn about it on the Internet. We will prompt you how to convert Excel data.

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You need to convert Excel and you do not know how to do it. You think that it is necessary to go to specialized courses. If you wish to learn use MS Excel, it is important to find the courses meeting your requirements. Courses will be useless if the teachers cannot correctly teach or if the educational centre is located too far and its visiting causes inconveniences. Courses MS Excel can be at your office too. Carrying out of courses does not become a problem for you if you find a separate cabinet and you will provide the necessary equipment. Computer applications are easier for mastering in the course of computers usage. Also MS Excel courses are offered in the form of compact discs or through the Internet. It allows users to study under the flexible schedule. Very few people can give some full working days to training. Everyone can devote one or two hours on course daily. You choose quantity of lessons and tasks. We can tell that to convert Excel it is enough to have Microsoft Excel converter or Excel data converter.

Converter for multimedia players

Let’s talk about such necessary tool as video converter. If you have a multimedia player you know about incompatibility of formats. Media player plays not all formats and to remove this limit you need video converter. If you wish to convert video file from one format into another that Creative Zen could play file then you need to select Zen video converter which will make it without special efforts. As for this player it supports the basic formats: AVI (DivX/XviD) and Windows Media Video, but all files with the resolution above 320х240 should be recoded by the software. Choose one of the best video converters to convert video to Creative Zen. You can free download Zen video converter and try to convert video for Creative Zen. You choose a file for converting, for example, to convert AVI to Creative Zen and start to convert. After that you transfer video to the portable device and enjoy its viewing.

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In what cases do we need to delete columns Excel or delete blank columns Excel? Different types of the hidden and personal data can be stored in Microsoft Office document. These data can not be displayed during document viewing, but other users can see or find them. If you plan to show document MS Office it is useful to see the document and look at hidden or personal data which can be stored in the document and remove columns Excel. These hidden data can contain data about the organization or about the documents which do not be extended, therefore take care of that they have been removed. The hidden data can include data which Excel adds, doing possible collective work with other users over Excel book. Excel books can contain objects which are not displayed because they are formatted as not displayed. You do not know where to search for these hidden columns. Do you wish to have the reliable assistant who will perform work instead of you?

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If you create files for yourselves you have no special requirements. If you create the financial report in MS Excel and you need to send it to management the document should be in an ideal form. Before sending the important document to colleagues or clients it is necessary to see contents of the document and to edit it to delete blank columns Excel. Besides reports there are other problems which are carried out in Excel. One of the typical problems which are carried out by means of spreadsheets is conducting lists – names and addresses of people, phone numbers, characteristics of the goods etc. Excel has a rich set of means for work with such data, allowing analyzing and systematizing the information easy. The list differs nothing from usual Excel table, except the sizes – lists are usually enough great. Lists are constantly updated and it is necessary to edit them too. You can be necessary to delete blank columns in Excel or delete hidden rows in Excel.

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You wanted to make removal hidden rows Excel or delete all blank rows in Excel. One day the user has written in the forum that the hidden rows influenced on the size of a file and consequently he wanted to remove them. The hidden rows do not influence on the size of a file. The row or a column can be hidden by means of a command “Hide”. But rows and columns become hidden during change of height of a row or width of a column to zero value. Sometimes, when it is required to display the hidden cells in the hidden rows or sheet columns, it is difficultly to find them. In order to find out the hidden rows and columns it is possible to execute search with marking out all visible cells of sheet. There is more simple way of removal hidden rows Excel – automatic removal by means of the good utility. Economists and bookkeepers who work with Excel know the basic functions perfectly. They know formulas and carry out accounting. But sometimes there is a necessity to execute new action, and they do not know about it. How to delete hidden rows in Excel or delete columns Excel?

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Creating the table, we cannot be assured that quantity of rows and the columns defined during its creation will be enough. The matter is that it is possible to add rows and columns easily to created table Microsoft Office Excel. It is possible to add an empty row in the table end, to include in the table adjacent rows or sheet columns, to insert a row and table columns into any place. As for removal rows if you need you can remove rows and columns. It is possible to remove the rows containing identical data quickly too. For example, you have a large table with data. In this table there are breaks in the form of completely empty lines which are not necessary and it would be desirable to remove them. The filter does not help and it is not always convenient, because empty cells can be there besides completely empty rows. We recommend carrying out deleting blank rows in Excel by means of the special program. We recommend automatic removing blank rows in Excel.

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Let’s discuss actions which are often useful or simply necessary for correct formatting Excel worksheets. Creating the table, we cannot be assured that quantity of rows and the columns defined during its creation will be enough. At any moment it is possible to add or remove columns, rows or separate cells easily. For addition the column or a row in the table, it is enough to mark out all column or a row of worksheet. Then you have to activate the contextual menu, to execute a command «Add cells». You can remove columns or rows simply and quickly. A difference consists in that after activation the contextual menu it is necessary to execute a command “Remove”. How to delete blank rows Excel with the large data file? We have a lot of such rows and to delete manually is a routine and long work. Is there an automatic way of blank rows removal? There is the automatic way of blank rows removal and the good tool is necessary for this purpose to remove blank rows Excel or delete hidden rows in Excel .

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Let’s talk about formats which we use in Excel. What formats do you know and use more often? Any entered text or numerical value is displayed in a format “General” by default. The numerical format allows to deduce numerical values in the form of whole number or fractional number, and also to select negative numbers by means of color. Monetary formats are similar to numerical formats except that instead of a divider for groups of categories they allow to operate a symbol derivation of monetary unit. The financial format basically corresponds to monetary formats – it is possible to deduce number with monetary unit or without it with the set quantity of decimal signs. There are also percentage and fractional formats. Exponential formats display numbers in exponential records. The given format is very convenient for using for display and a conclusion very small or very big numbers. At last we will remember a text format, we think, many people use this format. Text and numerical formats are a theme of our conversation. We will talk how to convert Excel number to text or to convert Excel text to number or сhange case in Excel.